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 Groupon clone website - A boon for customers and local merchants

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PostSubject: Groupon clone website - A boon for customers and local merchants   Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:13 am

What does groupon clone site development trend mean for local businesses? It’s time to know the benefits of group buying, to understand the exciting ways to save money from the daily expenditure. This new and emerging trend is advantageous for both local merchants who look for better sales and the customers who look for a good discount for the products and services which are unavoidable in their daily life.

The trend of daily deals or group buying is advantageous to both customers and entrepreneurs in equal amounts, but depends on nature of businesses and the clientele associated with it. Whether the business is small or medium, most of the entrepreneurs know that 90% of their clientele are tech-savvy and hence have started promoting their products through daily deal websites. This will help them to attract more and more customer to their products and services, without spending much on advertisements. All that they need to give is a simple discount for the fixed number of customers who sign-up for the deal within the stipulated amount of time. The amount that they need to invest is much less than the money that they need if they are planning to put-up their advertisements online. Hence the local merchants usually don’t mind giving discounts.

Looking at the deal from the customer’s side, they can save a considerable amount of money if they sign-up within the stipulated time. They can ask their friends or other family members and cousins to sign-up. This is because the deal becomes valid only if a fixed number of people sign-up within the given time. Thus customers can very easily save money and get a quality product or service that they are looking for.
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Groupon clone website - A boon for customers and local merchants
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