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PostSubject: hi   Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:42 pm

Thought it was about time that i started posting here, I've had my account for awhile now.
My real name is Ville, living in a small town outside Stockholm (the capitol of sweden) I currently live home with my parents and the autumn i will start my second year at upper secondary school, studying networking and security. I currently own a pc, ps2, wii, xbox and xbox 360, my nes and n64 are broken Sad.
Right now im playing mostly pc games: Garrys mod, Stalker Clear sky and tf2 to name a few, i bought the valve pack on steam about a year ago, so i have no lack of quality games on my computer. But aside from Half life 2, my two other favorite games are console game: Shadow of the colossus and Kingdom Hearts are two games that everyone should check out, they are both Ps2 games and they are a real blast to play.

If anyone want to play some tf2 or anyother valve made games pm me and i'll add you.
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