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 sonic adventure 2 battle (i know it's been over done)

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PostSubject: sonic adventure 2 battle (i know it's been over done)   Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:12 pm

yea as you can see in the tittle that's my let's plays and new here and I'll try to be as active as possible and sonic adventure 2 (battle) is one of the most overdone games ever and frankly (not to sound mean) i don't care lol! if possible i would like anyone in these forums to watch it and tell me on what should i improve on (the first 3 parts are kinda iffy in the mic)

here a link to my channel if you guys think i should improve it too just tell me (p.s. i have 3 accounts and 2 are active)
for try new affects or doing things that are beside the point and don't really have to do with anything
this is the let's play channel then one i ask you guys to check

please comment back so i can improve.
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sonic adventure 2 battle (i know it's been over done)
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