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 Pokemon Gold & Silver Review

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PostSubject: Pokemon Gold & Silver Review   Wed Apr 07, 2010 2:59 pm

Pokemon Gold and Silver Versions are they BEST POKEMON GAMES EVER!!! Well, I think they are XD. They were released on November 21, 1999 in Japan,
October 15, 2000 in North America, October 13, 2000 in Australia, April 06, 2001 in Europe, and April 24, 2002 in Korea. I just thought I would
tell you the release dates =). They were also the fifth and sixth Pokemon games to be released in Japan. Like Red and Blue versions they are
paired versions, with few differences aside from available Pokemon. Unlike Red, Blue, and Yellow; Gold and Silver take place in the Johto region,
west of the region that the original games take place in, Kanto. We will talk about Kanto later on in this review. ^_^

STORY- 10/10

Like in every other Pokemon main series game you start out in your hometown. Which in these games your hometown is New Bark Town. Then Prof. Elm(
the professor of the Johto region) ask you to run an errand for him, to go to Mr. Pokemon's house. Of course you just can't go out of the town
without a Pokemon. So, you have to choose between Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile. Now you can head on out to Mr. Pokemon's house. Before you
leave New Bark Town you see some kid standing outside out Prof. Elm's lab. If you go up to talk to him he will just kick you and tell you to
go away. Which is very mean ='(. When you get to Mr. Pokemon's house you will see Prof. Oak there. He and Mr. Pokemon will talk to you. Then, Mr.
Pokemon will give you a Pokemon egg. You head out of Mr. Pokemon house and Prof. Elm calls you and tells you something really bad happened over
at his lab. If you want to know more about the story then you should get the game. >Very Happy


Gold and Silver introduced a number of features to the Pokemon video game franchise, many of which set a new standard for every game in the series
that followed. Pokemon Gold and Silver introduced the concept of storing items such as healing items, Poké Balls, and key items in separate
compartments in the bag. The new battle screen showed both how much experience points a Pokemon had until its next level and whether or not an
encountered wild Pokemon's species has already been captured. Also, held items raised the bar for strategy, allowing players to outspeed opponents,
heal ailments, restore HP in battle, boost the power of moves of a specific type, or increase the Pokemon's happiness, among other uses. All
trainers battled by the player had their own unique name, and some would be available for rematches later in the game. A time system was also
introduced(which is really awesome). Throughout the game, Pokemon appearances are influenced by time of day: morning, day, and night. HootHoot
for example, only appears at night (since it's an owl-like Pokemon). Certain events are also determined by the day of the week, like the
Bug-Catching Contest which is held in Johto's National Park on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Depending on the day of the week, either
Pokemon March or Pokemon Lullaby can be heard on the PokeGear radio. Pokemon March raises the chance of a Pokemon appearing when the player walks
into the grass, while Pokemon Lullaby decreases that chance. Gold and Silver also introduced the concept of evolution by methods other than
leveling, using an evolutionary stone, or trading. Two new types were introduced, Steel-type and Dark-type(which I love dark types). Now, on with
this review!

KANTO- 10/10

Yes Kanto. I know this game is set in Johto but after you bet the ELite Four you can go to Kanto to battle all the 8th gym there!!! I love this
part of the game! But, instead of starting in Pallet Town you start in Vermilion City. Due to a power outage, a key is no longer required to open
the garbage cans in his Gym are all empty,so you can go and battle the gym leader frist thing. A volcano has destroyed everything but the Pokemon
Center on Cinnabar Island, even though there was no volcano on Cinnabar Island in R/B/Y or FR/LG. Blaine has moved his Gymto one of the Seafoam
Islands due to Cinnabar's volcanic eruption. Blue (Green in the Japanese versions), the rival of Generation 1, is now the leader of the Viridian
City Gym. Giovanni is nowhere to be seen, though he is clearly mentioned many times, as Team Rocket aims to find him. Here is what I really like
about this game, Red, the Generation I protagonist, appears in Johto's Mt. Silver, serving as the game's true final challenge. His highest level
Pokemon is a level 81 Pikachu. Red also has a Snorlax at level 75, a Blastoise, Venusaur, and Charizard, each at level 77, and a level 73 Espeon.
Trust me unless you have your Pokemon up a level 90 or somehting, he will be hard. There are MANY more new stuff in Kanto but I don't want to give
away everything if you hadn't played the game yet. So like I said before, GET THE GAME IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED IT!!! Please?

MUSIC- 8/10

You may be saying, it's one of the frist Pokemon games. There shouldn't be much to the music. If your saying that...... YOUR WRONG! Yes, these are
on of the frist Pokemon games ever made but it has some AWESOME music. I love the music from thses games. Plus, a remake of one of the music in
thses games are in FR/LG but we are not talking about FR/LG now are we? There isn't much to say other then they have some good music.


Pokemon Gold and Silver are in my opinion the best Pokemon games ever! I just love these games so much!! If you haven't played these games then you
need to. But, I'm going to end off this review.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Gold & Silver Review   Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:05 am

Fantastic review, CBD. I totally agree about G&S being the best Pokemon games. Although i'm sure it helps that they were my first Poke-games.

- Chazza

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Pokemon Gold & Silver Review
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